About the Department
  • Pharmacognosy is a bridge between pharmaceutical and basic sciences.
  • It is a vital link between ayurvedic and allopathic systems of medicine.
  • Medicinal preparations derived from plants sources have been in widespread use since time immemorial.
  • Pharmacognosy covers the fields of phytochemistry, standardization and study of the bioactive substances in medicinal plants.

  • To establish a leadership role in the pursuit and development of knowledge through training and research in the field of natural products.
  • To identify known, unknown Indian indigenous tropical herbals and isolate the active principles for the refractory diseases and formulate in acceptable form without any side effects to the society in affordable cost.

  • To educate and train the budding pharmacists on cutting-edge research in the natural medicine to enhance the quality of life for our community and for humanity.
  • To create a large database for the traditional tropical herbals by conducting on field ethnomedical survey in the Western Ghats.
  • To maintain a herbarium museum for the tropical herbals of south India which helps to identify and authenticate medicinal plants by the students and research scholars of all over south India
  • To create monographs and standards for the indigenous and endangered red listed medicinal plants for the inclusion in herbal Pharmacopeias.
  • Develop suitable extraction / isolation & quality control methods for natural products used as pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements & cosmetics.
  • To foster innovation in research by organizing collaborative activities with other departments, faculties of the research institution herbal industries
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