Research Achievements
  • The faculties of the department published more than fifty research articles in indexed national and international journals.
  • The department isolated and evaluated new bio molecules for rheumatoid arthritis
  • We evaluated and prepared monograph for more than sixty indigenous plants and more than twenty marketed herbal formulation as per WHO guidelines
  • The department documented and published research papers about ethno medical survey of medicinal plants belong to Western Ghats.
  • The faculties undertaking and guiding various research projects for the students and faculties of other institutions and industries

Our Reseach Team
S.NoName Of FacultyDesignationResearch Interest
1Dr. R. Sutharsingh M.Pharm, Ph.DHODIsolation, screening and characterization of bio molecules related to Anti-arthritic, wound healing and hepato protective activity
2Mrs. M. Uvarani M.PharmAssociate ProfessorMicroscopical and chromatographical evaluation of new indigenous medicinal plants

Publications In Past Two Years
1Quantitative Phytochemical Estimation and Anti-oxidant Studies on Aerial Parts of Naravelia zeylenica DCInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical Studies and Research, 2011: Vol. 2(2); 52-56
2Anti-inflammatory and Anti-arthritic Activities of Aerial Parts of Naravelia zeylenica Dc.International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Chemistry, 2011: 1(3); 303-307
3Anxiolytic Activity of Aerial Parts of Naravelia zeylanica (L) DCPharmakine, 2011:Vol III (II); 30-45
4Evaluation of Antibacterial Activitiy of Aerial Parts of Naravelia zeylenica (L)DC.International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences. (Under process)
5Screening of Wound Healing Activity of Aerial Parts of Naravelia zeylenica (L)DC.Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics. (Under process)
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