Research Focus
  • Identification of plants and investigation of their Pharmacognostical, phytochemical, pharmacological activity and to establish a therapeutic rationale, as used in folklore practices and traditional medicines is our major objectives.
  • The Department is also involved in the survey of medicinal plants around Western Ghats. The Western Ghats is very rich in its medicinal wealth. The forests and hills of this region is a treasure house of about 700 medicinal plants. We made an attempt to exploit medicinal wealth of Western Ghats by arranging medicinal plant survey camp every year for final year B.Pharm students.
  • Our research interests also include the characterization of the phytochemical composition of medicinal plants, the investigation of biological properties of natural products and the elucidation of their structure-activity relationship.
  • Evaluation and documentation of monographs for indigenous herbals as per Pharmacoepial and WHO guidelines by detailing its Morphology, Microscopy and Powder Analysis and also prepared permanent slides for documentation.
  • Hybiscus
  • We Working with herbalists and giving them knowledge and skills to improve their products.
  • The faculties involved in various research works in indigenous herbals related to immunomodulator, anti-arthritic, anti diabetic, wound healing and anti-ulcer activities.
  • The department mainly focusing on formulation and commercialization of herbal cosmetics and nutraceuticals by making industrial tie-ups

Research Tie-Up
  • The department made memorandum of understanding with department of botany, Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College - Sivakasi for sharing the research facilities related to identification and authentication of medicinal plants.

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