About the Department

  • To develop the centre of excellence by research and development in the filed of Pharmaceutics, to create newer Concepts by adopting various technologies in collaborating with Pharmaceutical industries.

  • To deliver quality Pharmacists to the nation and serve the society with ethics of the Pharmacy profession.
  • To create the novel database required for the development of newer formulations
  • To learn and adopt the newer strategies required for the development of various dosage forms
  • To develop the research activities for the development of novel drug delivery systems and to file patent for the developed formulations
  • To create funding for the development of research and development from Government funding agencies
  • To motivate the scientific research activities and to provide services to the community Pharmacists
  • The department shall promote excellence in research and teaching in Pharmaceutical Sciences by facilitating industry institute partnerships
  • To develop responsible Entrepreneurs in the to the Pharmaceutical sciences.
  • The faculty also aims at increasing the communication links with the alumni and stakeholders

Infrastructure of the department
The department will have two separate Diploma labs, three undergraduate labs and two PG labs and a machine room. The department will have separate book bank facilities for the B.Pharm and M.Pharm students. The department will have digital library to provide access to the online journals.
News and Events