Academics And Infrastructure
  • The course of study (D.Pharm & B.Pharm) assist the students to acquire skills of identification, morphological and microscopical studies, isolation, estimation, pharmacological uses and formulation aspects of various medicinal and aromatic plants of traditional value
  • At the end of the course, students are able to interpret the morphological and anatomical descriptions of the crude plant in order to clearly identify it. This gives the skills to the pharmacists to identify herbal medicines and detect any adulteration in the herbal products in the market through microscopic examinations
  • This laboratory is well equipped with the high magnification research Microscopes, Trinocular Photo Microscope, and more than hundred histological chart which aides to evaluate histological characters.
  • More than three hundred titles of reference books, eight hundred volumes of text books and twenty five national and international journals are available particularly for Pharmacognosy department.

Herbal Drug Museum
  • A crude herbal drug museum has been set up separately with collection of a wide range of plant specimens from different parts of the country
  • This crude drug museum is an integral part of our Pharmacognosy laboratory that serves the purpose to identify and authenticate herbal drugs by student itself.

Herbal Garden
  • Medicinal plants have a great importance in India where people regards them as efficacious agents to combat many ailments. In order to impart a basic knowledge of medicinal plants in the subject of Pharmacognosy to the students, a herbal garden containing plants of folklore and medicinal importance is established in two Acres with in the campus
  • Our Institute presently having around 150 kinds of medicinal plants and all are tagged with their scientific and local nomenclature.
  • This will enhance the students to identify the medicinal plants and to generate the aptitude for research in Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry.
  • The school and college students from near by districts visiting our herbal garden regularly two acquire knowledge about medicinal plants. This will create awareness about the medicinal plants among the society.

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