About the Department
  • The Department of Pharmacology of Sankaralingam Bhuvaneswari College of Pharmacy has its novel way of screening of different phytopharmaceuticals and synthetic drugs on various experimental animal models.
  • The Department fulfils the needs of the co-departments like pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical chemistry with regard to screening of drugs on experimental animals
  • The Department has Institutional Animal Ethical Committee for the purpose of control and supervision of experimental animals

  • To develop new screening techniques for biological activities
  • To improve the techniques of evaluating drugs toxicity on experimental animal models
  • To produce pharmacologist to meet the requirement of industry and research.

  • To develop a new drug molecule with expected biological activities in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.
  • To kindle research activities for the improved study of drug’s effects on animals/human beings.
  • To secure funds from the institutional and Government funding agencies for the screening of pharmacological activities and also to introduce a new drug molecule in the thrust area.
  • To perform consultancy project work with the well reputed industry and academic institute and to create Institute-Industry tie-up for the benefit of both sides.
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