Research Activities
  • The research activities include the development of the newer dosage forms and characterization, lab and pilot scale development of the formulation, compatibility studies, biopharmaceutical and bioanalytical developmental studies which includes the development of novel, nano and targeted drug delivery systems
  • The department is scientifically collaborated with major pharmaceutical companies in the development of various drug delivery systems, optimization and validation of dosage forms and the preclinical studies.
  • Dr.J.Suryakumar, Sr.Vice President (Pharma Research) is actively collaborated with us in creating the novel drug delivery systems and also to create funding from the government agencies.
  • The department will actively engage in filing patent for the research formulations and also to provide the technical transfer to the industrial experts.
  • The department is planning to conduct the multi centre clinical studies in the development of topical dosage formulations with primary and secondary care teaching hospitals

Team Members
Sl.NoFaculty & Designation Qualification Experience (years)Thrust Area of Research
1Dr. S. Palanichamy, Director and HODM.Pharm, Ph.D44Osmotic controlled and floating drug delivery systems
2Dr. M. Rajesh, ProfessorM.Pharm, Ph.D18Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems and microencapsulation
3Mr.L.Subramaniyan, Asso. ProfessorM.Pharm, (Ph.D)15Novel Drug Delivery systems
4Mr. T. Rajasekharan, Asst. ProfessorM.Pharm7Biofilm and nano emulsions
5Mr.M.Ramanathan M.Pharm1.7Pharmacy practice
6Mr.P.Arjun kumarM.Pharm1.04Nano formulations technology
7Mrs.S.SelvamuniM.Pharm0.3Buccal drug delivery systems
8Mrs.T.R.JeyapriyaM.Pharm0.2Bioequivalence study
9Mrs.P.JeyashreeM.Pharm0.2Nano technology
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