Academic Interactions / Achievements / Training
  • The D.Pharm students will pursue the training and industrial visit to various Pharmaceutical industries.
  • The department will provide an hands on training to the Diploma students to facilitate the dispensing of Pharmaceutical Product as community Pharmacy services
  • The Diploma students will also actively take part in the preparing the drug information leaflet to the patients during the hospital and community pharmacy training
  • B.Pharm
  • There will be an extensive practical training the Excipients compatibility studies in the Physical Pharmaceutics laboratory this will provide key idea about the development of the type of dosage form in the final year.
  • In the final year the students are exposed to develop a novel drug delivery of the formulations and to establish the stability studies as per the ICH guidelines and WHO guidelines this will give an idea about the expiry dating of the formulations.
  • In the final year the students are exposed to the industrial training in the FDA approved industries to develop and update the current trends in the pharmaceutical technology. By exposing to the industry environment the student should aware about the types of guidelines should be followed in the industries and also to have an knowledge about do and donts in the industrial environment.
  • In final year Journal club activities which will give confidence to the student to deliver his/her presentation in a confident manner and also to share the current knowledge with the other faculty members
  • M.Pharm
  • The M.Pharm students will have a curriculum that is parallel to the practical components. The small scale experiment will be selected based on the previous literature form the journals and the problem solving aspects
  • The M.Pharm is actively involved in the research activities with various pharmaceutical industries. The following panel of scientists are actively participating in the collaborative research activities of the department

S.NoName of the Scientist Industry Name
1Dr. N. Subramaniyan, M.Pharm,
Ph.D, Manager R & D
Sun PharmaceuticalsBaroda
2Dr. J. Suryakumar, M.Pharm,
Ph.D, Sr. Vice President
Orchid chemical and pharmaceuticals, Chennai
3Mrs. Jamuna B.Pharm,
M.B.A, Product Development Manager
Arvind Remedies, Chennai
4Mr.Muruganantham, M.Pharm,
Production Manger
Axon Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Chennai
5Mr.Udayesh, M.Pharm,
Asst.Manager, R & D
Granules India Limited
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