• The department will have two separate labs (one under graduate lab and other for post graduate lab) and CPCSEA approved animal house.
  • The lab is fitted with conventional equipments like Students Organ Bath, Animal Operation Table, Haemocytometer, Haemoglobinometer, Analgesiometer, Convulsiometer, Langendroffs apparatus, Pole climbing apparatus, Rota rod, Actophotometer, Histamine chamber, Continous Avoidance Response apparatus, Hotplate, Elevated plus maze apparatus, etc

Departmental library
  • The PG department also has its own library facilities for the M.Pharm students which contains essential and reference books
  • The department provides accessing the internet, after which the entire world of Information will be on their fingertips
  • Resources in the form of CD-ROMs, on line databases, audio video cassettes, e-books, E- journals and e- standards are available
  • S.B.C.P is one of those very few institutions offering the essential research tool

Animal house
  • The College has a CPCSEA recognized central animal house facility. The animals are housed as per the standard guidelines
  • The maintenance condition of our animal house has gained it the status of ˜standard animal house' which has attracted many institutions to carry out their research projects using our animal house facilities
  • Well-equipped animal experimentation laboratories are situated adjacent to the animal house. Experiments on mice, rats, rabbits and Guinea pigs are routinely carried out with a prior approval from the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)
  • The animal house technicians maintain the breeding and upkeep of the laboratory animals

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